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We have officially moved to ukeclub.org! Visit our new website for updated information about the UK Entrepreneurship Club!

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Pardon the old website...

We're currently in the process of redoing this entire website, so until we get this one up to date, feel free to look around at the historical things that you will find here or preview our new page!


 In the mean time, our calendar on this website should be continuously updating, so feel free to take a look there as well to see what's going on!

Wes Brooks, '10-'11

Tues, Sept. 7 @ 7PM in CB 110
This Tuesday at 7PM will be the first meeting of the year for the UK EClub!
Come learn about how you can...
take an idea, make it a reality, and create value!

What is EClub?
The UK Entrepreneurship Club, also known as EClub, is about everything entrepreneurship.  Whether you have an idea that will revolutionize the way the world works, are interested in starting something but don't have an idea yet, or just want to learn what the heck this whole "entrepreneurship" thing is all about,
the EClub is for you!

Our goal is to help students gain the tools and the confidence it takes to be an entrepreneur, and to help students get connected to the great resources we have at UK and in Lexington as well as in Kentucky.  Maybe you are interested in owning or running your own business someday, have a passion for a cause and want to start your own non-profit, or just want to gain professional experience in the corporate world.  The EClub is all about helping students in a practical way learn and experience what it takes to be an entrepreneur and how to get things started.

Check out our website for more information!

Wes Brooks, President

EClub Update 2010!

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the EClub website!  We're currently in the process of updating the website as this one has grown very out of date.  But feel free to take a look around! 

On Our Calendar So Far:


September 7, 7PM @ CB110

Idea Festival

 Sept 29-Oct 2


 Starutup Weekend

 November 19-21


Be sure to sign up for our newsletter on the right side of the page!  If you have any questions, or if you would like to get in touch with us, email us at:


Wes Brooks, President '10-'11

Eclub Elevator Pitch Contest

Date - 12/10/09 THIS THURSDAY
Time - 3:30pm
Location - RGAN 207

1st Place: Trophy, $200
2nd Place: Trophy, $100
3rd Place: Trophy, $100

Pitch length - each pitch should be 3 minutes or less.  Questions for 2 minutes afterwards.

*Questions to consider when preparing for the Elevator Pitch Contest*
- What problem are you trying to solve and/or what need are you trying to
- Describe how your idea solves that problem and/or fulfills that need.
- Who exactly will be your target market?
- How will revenue be generated?  Are there multiple revenue streams
- How long will it take to make this profitable?
- Who will be your competitors?   And, who will likely become a competitor
once they see what you are doing?
- How will you be uniquely better in delivering value to customers (as they
define value) than any potential competitors?
- What is your strategy -- to run the business in perpetuity, or to sell out
to a bigger corporation?
- Who will be your core team -- Product/Service Guru (with experience in
that market), Sales and Marketing Chief, and Financial / Accounting Analyst?
- How much start-up capital will be needed?

QUESTIONS: eclub@uky.edu

The Midwest's First Mobile Conference

Awesome Inc will be hosting a mobile miniConference on July 18th from 11am - 8pm.  The event will feature speakers from facebook mobile, Yahoo! Blueprint, Google Android challenge winners, and several iPhone developers (one with 1million+ downloads).

More information can be found here:  http://www.mobile.awesomeinc.org/

For questions & scholarship opportunities contact:  luke@awesomeinc.org

Nextington Streaming @Awesome Ink

Free TV : Ustream

January Events

January 27th, 7pm at Blazer Cafe on North Campus.

This will be our first E-Club meeting of the year.  We will have Brian Raney, CEO of Apax Software, speak to us about how he built a multi-million dollar business in just over a year and what he learned at UK that helped prepare him.  Also, anyone interested in competing for over $100,00 in the state business plan competition (Idea State U) should attend to get details on this as well as the local business plan competition.


January 29th, 5:30pm at Coldstream Research Campus

1500 Bull Lea Road, Lexington, KY 40511

 The Lexington Venture Club is one of Lexington's most active communities for entrepreneurs and investors in Lexington.  Their biggest event of the year features all the companies that were funded in 2008 and is a great opportunity for students to meet successful business owners in the community.  Food will be available and tickets are $30 but student discounts of $5 off are available if you email me at eclub@uky.edu


-Luke Murray, President ('08-'09)

Elevator Pitch Contest Tomorrow!!

Tuesday December 9th at 5pm in Whitehall Classroom Building rm 102 the Eclub will have its first ever competition in the fall semester.  Participants will be turning in a one page executive summary and will have five minutes to impress the judges with their pitch.


-Luke Murray, President' ('08-'09)

Startup Weekend Success

Startup Weekend went incredibly well with over 60 people attending throughout the week and 8 projects being born.  To see them and check up on their progress and followup events to Startup Weekend - visit the SW Lexington site here http://lexington.startupweekend.com/

Startup Weekend Coming to Lexington

Startup Weekend is a national event that brings together the smartest and most creative people in multiple industries (design, engineering, software, marketing, medicine, etc) to share ideas and launch companies in the course of 54 hours.  By Sunday evening each of the self-selected groups will present their alpha version company to the rest of the attendees which will include Mayor Newberry, and local multi-million dollar company founders, among others.  The event minimizes formal structure to allow for maximum creativity, conversation, and productivity.  It will be coming to Lexington  for the first time November 21-23rd, and will be held at Whitehall Classroom Building rm. 212 on UK's campus.  The cost is $40 for the weekend and includes food and a T-shirt.  (But The first ten people to email me at eclub@uky.edu will get in free! )


You can sign up here:   http://lexingtonstartupweekend.eventbrite.com/

-Luke Murray, President ('08-'09)



Tynan is a 27 year-old serial entrepreneur from Austin, Texas. He has started several websites (listed below) that have received over 1.5 million views to date. He was a professional gambler for 7 years and ran a gambling company during that time. He wrote for Gadling.com, the most popular travel blog on the internet while he spent the first 7 months of this year traveling around the world. He was a main character in the New York Times bestseller "The Game" and has written two e-books, one on attraction and another on dieting. He also worked as a pick-up artist, a real life "Hitch", to celebrities and fortune 500 CEOs.

Some of his crazy adventures include putting a 13 ton pool in his living room, buying and converting a school bus and driving it to Vegas, Key West, etc. and living with Courtney Love.

He will be speaking about making ideas happen and designing a life both inside and outside the context of a business setting THIS THURSDAY, OCTOBER 9th, 8pm MEMORIAL HALL.

Personal Blog - http://www.betterthanyourboyfriend.com/
Best in the Land - http://www.bestintheland.com/
Life Nomadic - http://www.lifenomadic.com/
Daily 15 - http://www.daily15.com/

We are expecting approximately 500 students to attend, which will make this event the largest in the history of the Entrepreneur Club (by several orders of magnitude) since its creation by Dr. Todd in 2001.

See you there!

--Luke Murray, President ('08-'09)


Thanks for taking the time to check out what the Eclub is all about.  We are currently trying to get everything squared away with the start of the semester and that includes updating the website with information of whats going on.  Until that is done, please sign up for the newsletter located on the right of this page and we'll send out our plan for the semester soon!

--Luke Murray, President ('08-'09)


Hey everyone, Luke Murray has been appointed as the new Eclub president for the 2008-2009 academic year. Thanks for making last year great, and I hope to see everyone back and ready to go in the fall!

--Michael Schmidt, President (2007-2008) 

First Meeting of the Year

I hope you all had a great summer and a first few weeks of class. The Eclub will have its first meeting of the year next Thursday, September 11, at 7:00pm. The meeting will be held in the First Floor Conference Room in the Hardymon Building (located at the corner of Maxwell and Rose). At this meeting, you will be introduced to the new cabinet, learn about the club schedule for the year, and get some information on how to stay connected with the club. And you also get to eat FREE ICE CREAM!

So come on out to our first meeting next week and get to know some other Eclub members.

See you there,

Luke Murray
Entrepreneurs Club President

Club Promotion/Recruitment Officer Position Available!

If you are interested in serving on the Club's Leadership Cabinet, now is your chance! I am looking for someone to fill the Club Promotion/Recruitment Officer position. This person needs to be social and energetic, as they will be in charge of getting everyone on Campus interested in the EClub. If you are interested in the position, please send me an email at Mschmidt86@gmail.com with a brief description of why you would make a good officer, as well as your major and year of graduation (or expected graduation). PLEASE NOTE: You must be available to attend the Leadership meetings during the year. If you are extremely busy and think you will not be able to function at full capacity, please do not apply.

--Michael Schmidt

UK Entrepreneurs Club President

UK Commercialization and Economic Development Office

UK just launched the website for the new Office for Commercialization and Economic Development. The office serves as the hub for a University network working towards a continued atmosphere of entrepreneurial ventures and technological advancements. For more information on the Office, visit the Economic Development website.

New Internet Groups

Two new web groups have been created to facilitate networking among members of the EClub. The first group is a special Facebook group, available here.
The next group is a Google Group, and can be found here.
Please use these groups to get advice on your projects or to suggest improvements for the Club.