2006 - 2007 School Year

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The time has arrived for the 5th annual Entrepreneurs' Club Idea Fair.  Each spring UK students compete against each other for the chance to win real cash money to develop their idea further or to put in their pocket!

Click HERE for Idea Fair guidelines and application information

Click HERE for Idea Fair seminar schedule

This is truly an exciting event and I hope everyone takes the time to come up with a few ideas they would like to enter this year. If you don't have any ideas think of what you could bring to a team of individuals working around an idea.  You can download the documents above or you can obtain paper copies of them from the E-Club office located on the Second for of the Mathews Bldg.    If anyone has any questions please contact me at facklerjason@uky.edu.  Goodluck to everyone this year!

-Jason A. Fackler
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     The Entrepreneurs' Club is hosting its 2nd Impact Dinner of the semester on Thursday, November 2, 2006.  At the Impact Dinner, you will be treated to a free meal and a very informative presentation from an entrepreneurial community member.  We only have 12 seats available, so if you know you can attend, send a RSVP email to andrea.mullins@uky.edu.  Seats will be granted on a first come, first serve basis.  Invite a friend to come along but just let me know ahead of time so that I reserve you two spots.  You do not have to be a member to attend the Impact Dinner.  Please don't RSVP if you're unsure as to whether or not you can come.  There will be more Impact Dinners in the future that you can attend.  Upon receipt of your RSVP, I will send you an email letting you know if you may attend, or if you're too late.  I will also make a 'stand-by' list in case people cancel.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Please read these details thoroughly.

Where: 1st Floor Classroom of Ingels Hall (new dorm on South Campus)
When: Thursday, Nov. 2nd at 6:30pm
Note: When you get to Ingels Hall, you will have to call the front desk from outside to get in. There are outdoor phones with the front desk number at each of the two entrances. Just tell the Resident Assistant at the front desk you are there for the Impact Dinner on the 1st floor, and that will get you through.  The room is on the right as you enter the building.
What to Wear: Business Casual
Speaker: TBA

Questions: Email andrea.mullins@uky.edu or facklerjason@uky.edu
Have a good week! Andrea Mullins
October 24, 2006
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OCTOBER 17, 2006


Our next meeting will be October 17, 2006 @ 7PM in room 202 of the Ralph G. Anderson Bldg.  This meeting will be an interactive meeting, which means we want YOU to bring your ideas and feel comfortable to openly discuss them with others to get feedback.  We will have experienced entrepreneurs and other business people on-site to guide you through the process of taking your idea from infancy to start-up!  We'll take time to really delve into your business ideas and figure out what you need to do to put them into motion.  There is no limit to the number of people that can attend, but of course the more people that come...the more feedback and input you can receive.  If you have any questions, let us know.  Also, try to send a quick email to andrea.mullins@uky.edu if you think you'll attend.  Feel free to bring your friends!!

See you then,

Jason A. Fackler, President
Entrepreneurs' Club
October 2, 2006

Thank you to all of you who came out to our first meeting last week. 
We hope you enjoyed the free ice cream!  As mentioned at the meeting, we will be hosting three Impact Dinners this semester.  These events are usually limited on the number of people who may attend due to costs.  However, we encourage everyone to try to attend at least one during the semester.  At the Impact Dinner, you will be treated to a free meal and a very informative presentation from an entrepreneurial community member.

Due to scheduling conflicts, we are pushing back our first Impact Dinner to Tuesday, September 26th.  The exact location and time will be announced by early next week at the latest.  If you do not receive an email from us by next Tuesday (one week before the event), please email the President at facklerjason@uky.edu.  We only have 12 seats available, so if you know you can attend, send a RSVP email to andrea.mullins@uky.edu.  Seats will be granted on a first come, first serve basis.  Please don't RSVP if you're unsure as to whether or not you can come.  There will be more Impact Dinners in the future that you can attend.  Upon receipt of your RSVP, I will send you an email letting you know if you may attend, or if you're too late.  I will also make a 'stand-by' list in case people cancel.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.
Have a good week!
Andrea Mullins
September 12, 2006


We would like to welcome everyone to our first meeting of the 2006-07 school year scheduled for September 5, 2006.  The meeting will be held in ROOM 202 on the second floor of the Ralph G. Anderson Building at 7PM.  To welcome our current and potential new members, we are giving away five free eClub polos to the first five individuals to arrive. We are also giving free ice cream for everyone.  The focus of this meeting will be to lay out the schedule for this semester's events, get feedback as to what YOU think the eClub should be doing in the near future, and to network with one another. Feel free to contact us (visit the Leaders link on the website) if you have any questions or suggestions. We hope to see you there!
-August 30, 2006

Hello and Welcome to the New Year! 


After a major overhaul of the Entrepreneur's website we are ready to start moving and shaking again!  This year the eClub hopes to accomplish several things for the community, several Universities and high schools in the state of Kentucky, and for the club itself.  I encourage and welcome individuals with dreams, goals, ideas, and the desire to make them a reality to attend our meetings and scheduled events to find out how the eClub can help you with your entrepreneurial quest(s).  The eClub also has an office on the second floor of the Mathews Bldg. located next to the Gatton Business College.  I welcome individuals from all disciplines to the office and look forward to personally meeting all eClub members and potential members this year.  Stay tuned to this website for updates and be looking in your email for updates regarding upcoming events!
Please feel free to contact me anytime via email or telephone.  Entrepreneurship is a great passion of mine and I look forward to hearing from people who share the same passion.
Jason A. Fackler
President, eClub
University of Kentucky
August 23, 2006

2005 - 2006 School Year

Eclub News, Events and Happenings

A New 'Apprentice'

 The UK Entrepreneurs Club is proud to announce the creation of a new internship program sponsored by the Eclub. Based upon the popular television program starring Donald Trump, "The Apprentice", Entrepreneurs in Action provides a small team of students a semester-long immersion in a real business. Interns will:
  • Observe and analyze the host business
  • Create a strategy to grow the business and solve problems
  • Write and execute a real business plan
  • Meet regularly with team
Bedminster Coffee & Tea has opted to host our program for the spring semester. Five internship slots are now open on Cyber Cat. For more information, visit the UK Career Center website: http://www.uky.edu/CareerCenter/.

PDF Flyer

The Hang Out

This Wednesday November 9th, the Eclub will be hanging out at Bedminster Coffee on Limestone across from the BE building. Come talk about your great ideas, and maybe you'll find a business partner or get some great feedback. See everyone there at 7pm.

Idea Generation Workshop

John Williamson, former Eclub President and founder of 3rd Dimension Design will speak to budding entrepreneurs about creating ideas and thinking like an entrepreneur. This is a can't miss event. If you want to start your own company, this is where you start!

When: September 20th at 7:30pm

Where: Ralph G. Anderson Bldg. Room 207 (find the door that is unlocked), and if you don't know where the building is, go here http://ukcc.uky.edu/cgi-bin/dynamo?maps.391+campus+0503

See you there!

Also, stay abreast of Eclub events and news, by subscribing to the newly introduced Eclub Newsletter. Simply fill out the information to your right, and PRESTO! you are subscribed! Don't worry you can always unsubscribe later, but why would you want to ;)


This Saturday (Sept. 17th) students will test their knowledge of the campus by solving clever little riddles that are guaranteed to make you cry!! Just kidding, but it will be a good time so come on out and make sure you remember the following information:

Where: room 230 Student Center

When: this saturday at 10am (dont be late)

Money?: your TEAM needs to have $10 for the entry fee

How much money can our team make?:


(i think i hear a cash register in my head!!)


See everyone there! Oh, almost forgot FREE FOOD and DRINK!!

New Leadership Positions Available

As the officers developed new initiatives over the summer we came upon the need to recruit great leaders. For the upcoming semester we have three new leadership positions available:

Minorities in Entrepreneurship Director: This person must be a minority and excited about Entrepreneurship first and foremost. Also, you must be willing and able to speak and work with successful entrepreneurs in the community. The Eclub is striving to be a more diverse student organization, come help us reach our goal.

Women in Entrepreneurship Director: You must be female and excited about Entrepreneurship first of all. Also, you must be willing and able to speak and work with successful entrepreneurs in the community. The Eclub is striving to be a more diverse student organization, come help us reach our goal.

Social Entrepreneurship Director: Anyone who likes to create a better community will be an excellent fit for this position. You must be excited about bettering the community through Social Entrepreneurship ventures, and must be able to speak and work with business leaders in this exciting arena.

FOR ALL THE POSITIONS ABOVE, CONTACT Josh Tharp via email at jltharp@gmail.com with a short statement about why you want the position and your prior experience (if any) with Entrepreneurship.


New Initiatives

During the summer, Eclub's new officers are developing new initiatives for the club. For this year, the club is starting the Wildcat Venture Fund that will put a little financial backing to student ideas. Also, a themed scavenger hunt is planned for the third week in September along with a Social Entrepreneurship and Women/Minorities in Entrepreneurship Initiative.

Keep checking back for more details, or if you want to get involved, please contact Joshua Tharp at jltharp@gmail.com for more information.

2004 - 2005 School Year

Eclub News, Events and Happenings

Summer Activities

The Eclub will be hosting leadership meetings to plan the next semester.

Additionally, those folks who are interested in working on the Idea Fair concepts, or another concept, to turn it into a real business plan, will have opportunities to get great feedback from Eclub advisors.

The first business plan development meeting is scheduled for:

Wednesday, May 18th at 4pm in the Mathews building on the 2nd floor
(Mathews building is next to the Business and Economics building)

If you are interested in a leadership position, please contact: nicholas@uky.edu for more information.

Have a productive summer!

Elections Meeting

Monday, April 25 at 7:30 p.m. in BE 301

It is time again for next year's leaders to step up to the plate. Eclub relies entirely on students to take the initiative and get involved. If you want to participate and take up a leadership position, please come to this meeting!

IDEA FAIR 2005: A Shining Success
The UK Entrepreneurs Club did it again--but even more spectacular than before. With the help of the Von Allmen Center for Entrepreneurship, several sponsors, and many volunteers, the third Annual Idea Fair proved support for Entrepreneurship at UK. The 2005 winners are as follows:

1st Place, $1,500 - "The Kanga Course"
2nd Place, $1,000 - "Hunting Dos Tracking System"
3rd Place, $600 - "Medical Equipment Exporters"
4th Place, $400 - "The Tony Steps"

More information, as well as photographs, will follow.

Speaker Series 4/4/05
With Tim Savage
President of Savage Syndications

When it comes to getting your business in front of potential customers, Tim knows how to get it done. Having started his company, Savage Syndications, is a powerful resource for businesses to use to prospect and develop market opportunities. http://www.savagesyndications.com/

This is your opportunity to learn how to get your business in front of the right customers and make the sale.

Where: B&E room 301
When: Monday 7:30pm

Speaker Series 3/21/05
With guest Bob Farinelli
President of Elan Home Systems

Tonight, we are excited to host another Speaker Series with guest entrepreneur, Bob Farinelli. Bob is the president and CTO of ELAN Home Systems, as well as a Mergers and Acquisition Technical Assessment Team Member for Nortek Inc. In addition, Bob is our newest member of the Eclub Board of Advisors. Please join us this evening!

When: Monday, March 21 @ 7:30 p.m.
Where: B&E 301

Next meeting: Monday, March 7th at 7:30pm

Topics: Building teams for the Idea Fair

Speaker Series and More

Featured Guest: Brian Evans

Eclub is proud to announce that 62 people applied to the VentureQuest Workshop! Unfortunately, as we cannot accomodate every applicant, attendees will be selected based on their concepts. However, everyone is encouraged to participate in the Idea Fair held in April.

Has anyone heard of Indi-Go? They are the second company to be launched with the assistance of the UK Entpreneurs Club. Indi-Go has a long-awaited announcement that they want to share:

On February 22, 2005, we invite you to be a part of a historical moment. Indi-Go, Inc., a company founded and managed by current and former UK students, will begin serving food at the Commons on south campus between 5:00 and 8:00 pm.

Indi-Go began as an idea of four graduate students, quickly expanding to include two MBA students as well. After winning at a nationwide Business Plan competition last spring, UK Dining Services agreed to help us launch Indi-Go as a beta site this spring. Indi-Go is a unique restaurant concept that serves Indian food customized to suit an American flavor. We have variety, quality, and reasonable prices, all served straight to you, fast.

Indi-Go is Indian Food, American Style. You have an opportunity to join us every Tuesday and Thursday all spring as we launch Indi-Go's menu to you, first. We thank you for the support of your fellow students and alumni. Check out our website http://www.indi-go.biz/ for more information.

Go Wildcats!

Indi-Go, Inc.

Go and show your support for fellow entrepreneurs!

On Monday, we host our second guest speaker this semester, entrepreneur Brian Evans. Evans is a great individual with much business experience to date. In fact, you will soon discover his new coffee shop opening up in the same complex as Wildcat Textbooks. As always, your attendance is highly recommended.

Where: 301 B&E
When: Monday, 7:30 p.m.

Does anyone have an announcement to share with other members and entrepreneurs? Please send it to president@eclub.uky.edu and it will be appended to the bottom of the email.

Finally, we are looking to fill leadership roles in the Eclub. If you want to take part in a growing organization and can make some form of commitment, regardless of size, please attend this next meeting.


Sign up for VentureQuest Workshop NOW

Deadline to sign up: Friday, February 11th
How to sign up: Send an email with your name, contact info, major, year, and a 1 paragraph business concept to leekeown@uky.edu
(if you don't have an orginal concept, write 1 paragraph about why you want to work with a startup team)
What you get: 5 days of workshops and training sessions, entrance into the Idea Fair, 2 meals every day of the workshop, thorough understanding of developing a concept, and the confidence in yourself to make your dreams become reality!

Only 15 spots remain, so hurry!!!

More Workshop Details: There is a cost to attend the workshop of $40 for students and $150 for others (note: this workshop actually costs about $1000 per person, but is being sponsored by several colleges to help instigate the entrepreneurial activity here on campus.)

Why you should get involved: Whether you are inspired by the $5000 prize in the Idea Fair or by the search for your personal competitive advantage, this is how you get started. These professional entrepreneurial coaches will teach you how to succeed on your own terms. Without knowledge, you are just another person wanting to get rich with no clue how to do it. SIgn up is easy, but space is limited.

This is leading up to the IDEA FAIR on April 15th with up to $5000 in cash prizes for winning concepts!
All participants in the workshop will automatically make it into the Idea Fair competition. Anyone may submit concepts for this competition.

Read more about the Idea Fair here

Eclub Meeting

Leadership and initiative is the topic of discussion at tonight's meeting. If you are interested in a position at the Eclub, please come to the meeting tonight. We will be lining up the leaders for next year at Eclub.

Also, please remember that the deadline to enroll in the the Business Idea Development Workshop is this Friday, February 11! We cannot guarantee your admittance after this date. This invaluable resource will help you refine business concepts with the assistance of experienced professionals.

When: Monday, February 7 at 7:30 p.m.
Where: B&E 301

1st Think and Drink Social

The Eclub is starting a new tradition here in Lexington, an informal social gathering of entrepreneurs both young and old. This is an opportunity to get to know your fellow student entrepreneurs in-the-making. If you are serious about doing a startup, you better start meeting people that are going to want to work with you. The best way to do that is not usually in a classroom. Sometimes the structured environment can stifle your creativity and lead you down a path of conformity -- a term that no entrepreneur should be described with...

Come on out to our first Think and Drink gathering.

When: Tuesday, February 1st at around 9:30 - 10ish
Where: Pazzo's Restaurant and Bar in the lower level

This completely informal gathering is open to everyone, so be sure to bring a friend. You will be responsible for any food and drink purchases (sorry, we're still too young to have rich entrepreneur alumni to sponsor parties). Stay for as long as you like. There is no agenda, just a common enthusiasm for success.

Spring 2005 Semester Begins

The Eclub is bursting with new opportunities! With the help of the recently formed, Advisory Council, and programs put together by the Von Allmen Center for Entrepreneurship, the Eclub is working hard to launch your entrepreneurial careers.

New this semester:

    * Idea Fair moved to April!
    * Formal business concept development workshop
    * Bi-weekly meeting schedule -- weekly meetings on 2nd & 4th MONDAY at 7:30pm
    * Think & Drink -- informal gathering of the entrepreneurial community at a local coffee shop or pub
    * New meeting location

First Meeting: Monday, January 24th at 7:30 B&E rm 301


Last Meeting of 2004

Now is the time to look back on what we did this semester and prepare for the events that lie ahead. We need your feedback on the Eclub and how we may better perform; in addition, we are always looking for leaders to step up and volunteer for a position. Your attendance will help shape the path we take in 2005!

When: Tuesday, 11/30
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Where: Ralph G. Anderson Building, room 203

Workshop IV: Sales and Presentation
Guest Speaker: Wayne Cornwell

Salesmanship and presentation are crucial skills for starting and operating any new venture. The Workshop Series continues this Tuesday with guest speaker Wayne Cornwell covering some of these issues. He will share with us many lessons from his years of experience in sales at DEC.

When: Tuesday, 11/16
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Where: Ralph G. Anderson Building, room 203

No Classes - Rescheduled for 11/9
The building in which we meet is planned to be closed - our apologies for such short notice

Workshop III: Marketing Your Startup

Tuesday 11/02
Time: 7:00 pm
Location: RGAN rm 203

Guest Presenter: Rick Stafford
UK Marketing Department
Brand Advertising Group

Our 3rd workshop focuses on how to develop a marketing strategy for your startup idea. Every company has to sell their product, and figuring out how to do this when you have very limited resources to work with is a daunting task. Please join us for this informative workshop session. You will come away with a number of ideas on how to sell your product or service, a crucial part of your concept.
Eclub Goes to the Movies!

Tuesday 10/26

Time: 9:30 pm

Location: Kentucky Theatre (214 E Main St near MLK intersection)

Cost: $6.50

'If you were intrigued by the many themes and speakers at the 2004 ideaFestival, continue the ride by seeing the film "What the Bleep Do We Know!?" This new film is making its way around the country and was so popular it's coming back to the Kentucky Theatre for a limited engagement from Friday, October 22 through Wednesday, October 27. (Check local listings for times.) This very thought-provoking film is part documentary, part entertainment, part physics class on quantum mechanics, part animation starring Marlee Matlin. Don't miss the opportunity to see "What the Bleep" this time around and bring a friend to share the "experience". '

Check out this video clip from a CNN interview with the director off of the movie website.

We will all meet at 9:30 in front of the theatre. Bring a friend!


Speaker Series II
Mark Sievers

Tomorrow evening at 7:00 p.m., we will be hosting our next Speaker Series event. Our guest is Mark Sievers, a man of many talents who holds a laundry list of accomplishments.

Mr. Sievers was the former Chief Innovation Officer for the Long John Silver's/A&W division of YUM! Brands and has over 27 years experience in the hyper-competitive fast food industry in a wide variety of disciplines.

Currently, he is the President and CEO of Lexington Wi-Fi, Inc, a start-up Wi-Fi technology company that offers extended-range wireless internet service in its deployment area. It is owned by a group of local investors including Mr. Sievers. It also provides Wi-Fi and other wireless consulting and implementation services.

In addition, Mr. Sievers is working with our Eclub Enterprise Team, Indi-Go, to facilitate its launch to a fully operational company in Lexington.

When: tomorrow, Tuesday, October 12
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Where: room 203, Ralph G. Anderson Building

Workshop 2: Idea Research

Speaker: Bill Dotson
Date: Tonight! (Tuesday, October 5)
Time: 7 p.m.
Location: 207 Ralph G. Anderson Building

Download Powerpoint Presentation

Workshop 1: Mission Accomplished

Anyone who missed our first workshop sure did miss a lot! Current or budding entrepreneurs met to hear serial innovator, John Williamson, present an organized approach for digging up business ideas. The attendees were guided through a process of brainstorming and refinement to locate ideas most reflective of their interests. When it comes to ideas, "the more the merrier".

In case you could not attend, we have made the worksheet available for download. Your assignment is to start generating business ideas, so please use this worksheet as an aid. Remember -- all businesses begin with a single idea! We want YOU to develop some good ones, refine them, and bring one to fruition. Multiple businesses have been created in the Eclub, and more will follow. Will yours be next?


1. Download this worksheet
2. Brainstorm for business ideas
3. Use the worksheet procedures to focus and refine

Please bring your ideas to the next workshop on October 5th! Bill Dotson will advise you on what to do next. More details on this will follow shortly... 


Equities Cup Stock Market Competition

Urgent! We need some Eclubbers to compete in a national, intercollegiate investment portfolio competition. Schools such as Carnegie-Mellon, Cal-Berkeley, and many more will be participating. Trading will be performed over the internet via StockTrak, and the school with the highest-valued portfolio will receive a CASH PRIZE! So, if you already manage your own portfolio or have an interest in investing, please get involved! We need to get a team together soon -- the trading begins October 4. If you are interested, please contact nicholas@uky.edu AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

What do I get: Cash prize, recognition, experience
When: October 4 - December

Contact nicholas@uky.edu immediately!

ASTeCC Seminar Series

"One Lawyer's Unauthorized, Uncensored Advice for Start-Ups",

Speaker: Kenneth R. Sagan, Esq. of Partner, Stites & Harbison - Lexington Office
Date: Thursday, September 23
Time: 4 p.m. (Refreshments available at 3:45 p.m.)
Location: A149 ASTeCC Bldg

The Emerging Leader Institute

The Emerging Leader Institute is a 3-credit Pass/Fail class that meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:30pm to 4:30pm in the Student Center. Throughout the semester the students will participate in leadership presentations from members of the UK faculty and staff. This is a great opportunity for students to develop their leadership skills as well as network in the UK and Lexington community. In addition, each student in the class develops an individual leadership project of their choice, along with helping to facilitate a one-day class leadership project. Each student is also a member of a mentor group, which is co-led by a UK faculty or staff member and a previous ELI participant.

ELI is only open to freshmen and sophomores, and participants must apply and be accepted prior to registering for the class. Applications can be found online at http://www.uky.edu/StudentCenter/StudentOrganizations/ELI/apply.htm, or may be picked up in room 106 of the Student Center (the Student Organizations Center).

Applications are due by October 15th.

If you have any specific Sophomores or Freshmen you would like to recommend please send their names to Jared Tippets or Angel Lee as soon as possible. Recommendations or other questions may be directed to Jared Tippets, 257-4673, jaredtippets@uky.edu or Angel Lee, 257-3589, angel.lee@uky.edu.

Check it out!

ideaFestival 2004

One of the largest events taking place Lexington, the ideaFestival is an incredible, five-day event bringing in speakers, innovators, and leaders from around the world. Presentations, performances, activities, and discussions will take place all day long, drawing some of the most enlightened visitors from the area and abroad. Some consider it an intellectual Woodstock for the mind and imagination, an event from which everyone can benefit. Please visit their website to learn about all the events taking place: http://www.ideafestival.com/

Date: September 21-25
Time: All day long
Location: Downtown Lexington and NKU METS

Careers in Intellectual Property Law

Open to all UK students, this informal session will feature speakers who discuss IP Law as a career field. Many questions will be answered! Pizza and soft drinks will be provided.

Date: Monday, October 4
Time: 12-12:50 p.m.
Location: 110 Law Building

Workshop 1: Idea Generation

 Our Workshop series kicks off with the first of a series of interactive seminars designed to guide you through the entrepreneurship learning curve. We are excited about getting everyone involved in the development of an innovative idea. This workshop will help you learn to look at the world with an opportunistic eye. There are a lot of great ideas out there, and it only takes one to make all of your dreams a reality. We will also look at the important, and oftentimes overlooked, process of critical analysis. You have to know how to distinguish a good idea from a great idea and a realistic business concept from a pipe dream.

We are all about getting you involved in the startup process. This is what we like to think of as entrepreneurship training, a highly focused session that challenges you to think and act like real entrepreneurs. This isn't "The Apprentice", but no one's going to fire you either. We are here to help you learn what it takes and get your hands dirty in the process.

Date: Tuesday, September 21
Time: 7:00 pm
Location: Ralph G. Anderson Bldg Room 203 (where our meetings now take place)
(this is the new bldg in the engineering complex, closest to the Whitehall classroom bldg)

Welcome meeting next Tuesday
Tuesday, September 7

 It's time to get started on our journey toward entrepreneurship! This meeting will give you an overview of what we do and an outline for the upcoming events. Everyone will get an opportunity to network with one other and learn what other members are doing. Bring your ideas and ambition along!

Date: Tuesday, September 14
Time: 7:00 pm
Location: Ralph G Anderson Bldg Room 203 (our new home this year!)
(this is the new bldg in the engineering complex, closest to the Whitehall classroom bldg)

Eclub Honors Club Founder, Dr. Lee Todd

Tuesday, September 7

 UK Entrepreneurs kicked off another spectacular semester this past Tuesday by honoring those leaders who made Eclub what it is today. UK President, Dr. Lee Todd, received an award and plaque, along with the former Eclub presidents who also received awards.

For those unaware of our history, Eclub was an idea formed several years ago by our President, Dr. Lee Todd. Realizing that the University of Kentucky and the local economy would benefit from an organization encouraging entrepreneurship, he decided to take action and gather a group of individuals to guide the development of the club. In early 2002, the UK Enntrepreneurs Club was born.

Eric Mills, now a UK alumnus, was the first president and student leader of the UK Entrepreneurs Club. He set many goals and established many social connections we now take for granted today. Thanks to him, we have impact dinners and speaker series where high profile guests visit and share their story. In addition, our presence is now known across the state, on the internet, and among schools all over the country. As Mills approached graduation from law school, John Williamson accepted the title of president.

 Williamson spread the organizational roots outward, building more support networks and planning entrepreneur curricula. The Idea Fair, Advisory Council, and workshops throughout the semester are the results of his efforts to maximize our potential. John plans to graduate at the end of the fall 2004 semester, so he passed the the position down to Nicholas Solon. Solon plans to add to the momentum begun by the previous leaders.

Dr. Bruce Walcott, an Associate Dean in the College of Engineering, serves as the acting faculty advisor for Eclub. Previous advisor, Dr. Tim Woods from the College of Agriculture, is on a mission in the Ukraine to teach entrepreneurship concepts in a developing economy. While Eclub may appear to involve exclusively the College of Business, our advisors demonstrate the support of entrepreneurship across other UK colleges, including agriculture and engineering. For that matter, one only need to look at the diverse crowd in attendance; majors represented include finance, marketing, English, pre-med, computer science, and many more.

As usual, the Eclub audience stayed around after the event and networked for the remainder of the evening. "I heard some tremendous business ideas and stories passed around," remarked Eclub president, Nicholas Solon. "It amazes me how much is going on here in Lexington and at UK -- students are coming forth and talking about their own enterprises."

Solon, along with previous president John Williamson, took the initiative to start their own Enterprise Team, 3rd Dimension Design. That team is now an internet company which they incorporated over a year ago. Eclub technical director, Scott Burns, met the two in the organization and soon joined the startup company. Not only does Scott work with 3DD, he also runs his own web hosting company, BQ Internet, based in lower Manhattan.
dAnyone finding this unusual is warmly encouraged to meet the type of people involved with Eclub..

2003 - 2004 => First full year of the UK Entrepreneurs Club

Eclub News, Events and Happenings

Special Speaker Event: David Novak

          David Novak, CEO of YUM corporation, visited with the MBA class and the eClub on Thursday from 1-2pm in Room 248 B&E.  His presentation was very interesting and informative.

Lexel Plant Tour

          From 9-10am the eClub embarked on a hands-on tour of Lexel Imaging, which is the building that John Morris owns.  The building is a state of the art Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) manufacturing plant.  It features its own power generation plant, clean rooms, water treatment, and more -- enough to run Lexington by itself.  The facility is located in the Coldstream Research park (on Newtown Pike near I-75).

Last Meeting of the Semester

          At 7:30pm, we had our last eClub meeting of the semester.  We wrapped up any unfinished business as well as determined part of our leadership team for next year.  If anyone is interested in learning about the leadership positions we have, please contact Jason Fackler at facklerjason@uky.edu.

Speaker Series Continues with John Morris

          The eClub was proud to host a speaker series event featuring John Morris.  Morris has a very wide background.  He was the CFO of Hughes corporation (the maker of DirecTV, satellites, receivers, NFL season ticket...).  Hughes Corp. sent him to Kentucky to build a gigantic technology development plant at the Coldstream Research Park.  Eventually, Morris decided to leave Hughes and start his own company.  Through a very savvy deal with Hughes, Morris and a partner were able to buy the plant, which is outfitted with specialized clean rooms and its own power plant and water treatment.  At the time, Hughes had decided to divest in the plant, which created an ideal proposition for Morris and his partner.  Morris and his partner ran their own company for a few years until they were bought out by a larger firm.  They sold the company but kept the plant, now valued at $21 million dollars. Morris now enjoys collecting rent checks from Lexel Corporation, who currently leases the facility.  Morris is one of the most interesting people to talk to. He is full of compassion and advice.

Double Speaker Series

The Entrepreneurs' Club was proud to present 2 great speakers this week!

          On Tuesday Jim Gray, CEO of The Gray Construction Company, spoke to the eClub.  The Gray Construction Company is the country's largest builder of automotive supply factories.  Gray is the principal in this family-owned company that has built over 170 factories in the United States for Japanese companies.  Gray is an impressive entrepreneur with a very motivational story to tell.

and then...
          On Thursday Truett Cathy, the founder of Chick-fil-A restaurants, presented for the eClub at 2:00pm at the Chick-Fil-A on Harrodsburg Road.  His company is the largest privately owned restaurant chain in the United States with annual revenues of over $1 billion.  The eClub was invited to attend an informal, post-lunch meeting with him.  Non-members had to pay $20 per person to eat lunch with him.  We didn't want to miss this opportunity to attend an informal meeting with a truly great restaurant mogul.

        Everyone is invited to listen to these remarkable individuals and their stories of business triumph.  Come to one or even both events.  These may be once-in-a-lifetime chances to meet these individuals.  You can always introduce yourself as the ambitious UK student you are, get a business card, and see where it can take you!

Networking Workshop

          The Entrepreneurs' Club hosted an informal networking workshop for students on Wednesday, February 25th at 3:30pm in B&E room 148. Everyone was invited to learn the finer points of what it takes to network with the right people and make the connections you need to succeed. The eClub tries to keep active ties with several professional organizations around town, which is a perfect way for you to network with professionals in your desired field.

          We all know the phrase "It's not what you know, it's who you know." This workshop taught attendees how to network with people that may help land the job or internship that they want.

          This workshop was hosted by students for anyone interested in attending.  We wanted to create a comfortable atmosphere where students can learn from each other.  If you missed this opportunity to learn from fellow aspiring students and gain practical knowledge about networking, look for future events in networking to be held.

          In the meantime sign up to some professional forums around town to start building your own personal network of contacts and visit the page on our website entitled "Advisory Board" to learn about the eClub's own board of professionals in the community here to help us.

Speaker Series - Samuel Perkins

          The eClub hosted a speaker series event featuring Samuel Perkins, who is a principal with the Perkins Law Group and maintains the Petroleum Marketing Law Internet Site(tm).  Sam graduated from Washington & Lee University, cum laude, in 1980 with a B.A. and Honors in Economics.  Sam then continued at Washington & Lee University School of Law and obtained his J.D. in 1983.  Sam limits his practice to petroleum marketing litigation, environmental law (with particular emphasis on underground storage tank and other petroleum storage, transportation, disposal and toxic tort issues), commercial, corporate, general civil practice, and federal and state administrative law.

          Sam began his career in a small firm in Lexington, Kentucky where he spent most of his time working on matters related to health care and antitrust issues.  In the mid 1980's Sam began to represent the coal subsidiary of a major integrated oil company.  Sam successfully defended the company in matters before the administrative courts of the U.S. Department of Labor.  This led to his involvement in petroleum related matters on behalf of the parent oil company.

          Following his first successful defense of a Petroleum Marketing Practices Act case, Sam began attending the Petroleum Marketing Attorneys meeting in Washington, D.C.  Sam has represented such noted oil companies as: Sohio (now BP Amoco, Inc.), Chevron U.S.A. Inc., Marathon, Sunoco, and Mapco.  He currently serves as legal counsel to the Kentucky Petroleum Marketers Association.  He also acts as counsel for many wholesale jobbers.

          Sam has dedicated his pro bono time to the development of rational administrative procedures in areas regulated by government.  Sam was a founding Commissioner for the Kentucky Petroleum Storage Tank Environmental Assurance Fund.  After retiring from his position as a Commissioner, he became editor for Tank Fund News.  He also offered his time to the Uniform Model Hearing Regulations Advisory Committee, Office of Attorney General, 1994-1995.  Sam has actively published books and articles relating to petroleum marketing law.  He has been a regular speaker at meetings of the Kentucky Petroleum Marketers Association and ABA petroleum marketing meetings.

Speaker Series - Jay McChord
          The CEO of Workplacebuzz.com, Jay McChord, when he presented to the eClub professional life gave the following message:

    After graduating in 1991 from the University of Kentucky with my BA I fell in backwards to a financial service career that spanned the next decade.  There were 7 years with a large insurance company and then a brief stop with a small college followed by one incredible year with a niche financial service company.

    Throughout the 1990's though I continually witnessed how generational communication negatively impacted the bottom line. There was a great deal of buzz about this Generation X group that I now seemed to belong to (those of us born between 1966-1981). We were being labeled slacker, not loyal, immediate gratification seekers.

    In 2000 I decided to become a bridge builder between the generations. I began speaking on the topic of Generation X in the Workplace and quickly found it filled a very large need, primarily that of how to communicate more effectively with (and in) the age group.

    Since then I have been asked to speak all across the country not just on Gen X but also on how to build Employment Security vs. Job Security and Tapping Intellectual Capital.

    We created WorkplaceBuzz, LLC to expand the solution capability of these presentations. Through our consultant resource network and web-based resources (like our Thinking for You process) WorkplaceBuzz can provide the ideas, innovations and solutions to take your business or operation to an entirely new level!

Idea Fair

          The Idea Fair was your chance to unleash all of the great business ideas you've had brewing in your head all along!  Perhaps they came to you while in class, driving home, or taking a bath?  Either way, you can make your ideas public and have business experts judge them for feasibility and originality among other characteristics by participating in our annual Idea Fair.  By thoroughly researching all aspects of your idea, following guidelines, and presenting your idea well, you have the opportunity to win real cash prizes - a minimum of $1,500 in cash prizes will be awarded to the top concepts!  But more importantly than that, you get actual feedback from the pros to help guide your idea to fruition.  These professionals may include entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and other business professionals.  Your project could launch an Enterprise Team between you and other students and/or professionals already in the industry -- and even more you might finally be able to launch your very own business!

Just remember: With Our Help, You Can Make It Happen!

Todd & Tubby (TNT)

          At this event, the eClub tested its members' abilities to act as leaders.  The outcome was an overwhelming success!  The eClub officers want to thank each and every one of you who came to the event and especially those who put forth the effort to make it all happen. 

          The response by the local business community was fantastic!  Without question it was a wonderful learning experience in collaboration, patience, coordination, and public relations.  But more importantly, we
learned that WE can make things happen.  If we can dream it, we can achieve it.  It was up to us, and we pulled through.  Good job!  Through TNT we've refined and honed our skills.  Let me assure you that this enables us to handle larger and even more grandiose events in the future. 

          For those of you who chose not to attend, be aware that you missed a very great and rare opportunity.  We encourage everyone to attend these events to show support for entrepreneurship and learn vital knowledge not taught in classes.

Speaker Series - Alan Hawse

          The eClub always likes to start the year off with a "bang," and last week we did just that!  Alan Hawse of Cypress Semiconductor in Lexington began our first Speaker Series of the fall semester.

          Hawse, who began in electrical engineering, found employment at Cypress Semiconductor in Silicon Valley.  However, after years of living there he wanted to return to his native Kentucky.  Rather than abandon his position, he brought Cypress to Lexington and began a new branch.  Today, he demonstrates the leadership it takes to run a company well.

          Hawse spent a great deal of his presentation analyzing the components of leadership by citing such references as Good to Great (see top article) and other great leaders.  Entrepreneurs must be strong leaders to become successful, and the points he made should be taken to heart.

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