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John Williamson - Uvestor.com

Uvestor.com is a Real Estate Communications Platform, designed to streamline the management of real estate closings, real estate appraisals, real estate accounting and real estate leasing. We do this with the Uvestor Productivity Suite, an online real estate software suite that gives all parties an efficient platform to communicate through and collaborate on.

The Uvestor Productivity Suite includes the Uvestor Closing Manager, Uvestor Selling Manager, Uvestor Appraisal Manager and the Uvestor Leasing Manager. This company was launched in September, 2008 and is launching their Uvestor Productivity Suite software in September 2009.

Kyle Lake - Prosper Media Group and Done in Sixty Seconds

Kyle Lake MBA is the owner of Prosper Media Group, a full-service video production company offering services that include; promotional videos, nonprofit multimedia, HD production, live event production, independent film creation, sports promotional videos and television advertisements.  Kyle Lake is a co-founder of Done In Sixty Seconds, an innovative web-based video production service that offers professionally produced videos using computer-generated environments and career actors. Done in 60 Seconds, or DISS, is an affordable solution for businesses that want to add video to their websites and newsletters. Kyle Lake has been a member and supporter of the Eclub since coming to UK to obtain his MBA.

Brian Keith Raney - BookExchange and SFenity

The BookExchange offers students an alternative option to bookstores when it comes to buying and selling used textbooks. The BookExchange facilitates the exchange of textbooks between students through online marketplaces at individual campuses. The BookExchange was created in 2004 by Brian Raney at the University of Kentucky as UKBookExchange.com. Since, it has expanded to several other schools and the BookExchange team now includes Nathan Fort, Luke Murray, Justin Raney, and Matt Smith, all of which are UK graduates. SFENITY was founded in January, 2007. SFENITY offers software development and data management solutions. SFENITY provides cost-effective solutions to businesses and researchers with data management needs.

Nicholas Solon - 3rd Dimension Design

3rd Dimension Design is a complete web application development company. 3rd Dimension Design is a Lexington web company that employs 4 web programmers and web designers and has been in business since 2003. 3DD is well known for their intuitive Content Management System (CMS) that allows advanced web building from a very simple web-based interface. Nicholas Solon started 3rd Dimension Design with John Williamson and John Harbison of SolidOxygen Studios. Nicholas Solon was the president of the eClub in the 2004 - 2005 school year and enjoys helping young entrepreneurs succeed.

Brandon Rowe - Buy Any Gift Card and Paragon Ideas

Brandon Rowe is the founder of Paragon Ideas, a consulting firm dedicated to aiding individuals, corporations and governments in the development and sale of Intellectual Property. Brandon Rowe has also founded the website BuyAnyGiftCard.com, an e-commerce website for the purchase of gift cards from nearly every merchantBuyAnyGiftCard.com simplifies the buying process for the fast-growing gift card industry with plans to expand into related areas. Brandon Rowe is a former member, supporter and adviser to the Eclub and an avid supporter of inventors and entrepreneurs in Kentucky.

Scott Burns - BQ Internet Corporation

Scott Burns has been an active entrepreneur since 2001.  Scott runs the web hosting company, BQ Internet Corporation, donating his reliable hosting services to the Eclub. BQ Internet is a network solutions company specializing in web hosting and remote storage systems. BQ Internet focuses on providing a high level of reliability and security. By taking proactive measures to ensure the uptime and security of our Unix-based servers, and by providing redundancy for critical systems, we're able to exceed the industry average in service reliability.